During time at University, Thomas conducted research study with the assistance of Mark Bull and Dr Matt Bridge from the University of Birmingham. Mark Bull is one of the country’s leading icons in golf fitness expertise and utilises 3D Biomechanics Technology in his work.

The research was about the newly innovative EFX sports performance bands that are designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility. EFX claim that that the band uses a holographic energy system that harmonizes the bodies electric current, thus improving performance.

In the research, Thomas tested these bands on golfers, using 3D Biomechanics Technology. Each participant hit 5 golf balls under 3 different conditions (Band, Placebo Band, no band) and kinematic data for the golfers in each condition was recorded.

Results did reveal significant differences between the 3 conditions, however these differences did not follow a logical pattern and it could not be determined that the differences were due to a natural band or placebo effect. It was concluded that the bands had no effect on performance, supporting previous research that indicated that the bands only had a placebo effect.

So……the band does look pretty and may make you think that it works……resulting in you playing better…….however, the scientific claims made by the manufacturers are unfortunately not true!