Tom Website Pic3As a youngster, Thomas grew up and played golf at Wilpshire Golf Club, a small club in the North West of England. By his mid teens, golf had become his main sporting interest and since then it has been at the heart of his life.

During Thomas’ amateur career, he competed and had success in many local and regional competitions, whilst representing East Lancashire on many occasions. When he reached his late teens, his aspirations to become a touring Professional faded and his passion for golf coaching came to the forefront of his interest.

In 2009, Thomas started the distinguished Applied Golf Management Studies BA Honours degree at The University of Birmingham. During his study, Thomas continued playing and represented The University golf teams at the highest level nationwide; however it was in this time that his coaching expertise began to grow. Within his degree, the University modules covered many aspects of the game including Sports Science, Materials Science, Golf Psychology and Coach Education.  This wide range of subjects allowed Thomas to develop a broad knowledge of Golf Coaching and he was rewarded with top marks in his degree classification.

During his study and since graduation, Thomas has been very fortunate to enjoy a variety of experiences worldwide within the golf industry, providing him with a very large skill base.  Currently based in Leeds, UK, Thomas is now working in a strong team of professionals aiming to provide cutting edge tuition to golfers of all ages and abilities.

In addition to his work, Thomas is also currently completing a Masters Certification in Sport Coaching with the University of Birmingham.  This programme is allowing Thomas to combine his day to day passion of golf coaching with further academic study that will only enhance the experience his can provide for his students.  





Thomas’ mission

My mission is to help golfers realise their potential and reach their goals and I believe this is achieved by adopting a holistic approach where each individual is taken as a new challenge. Within my coaching, I like to assess the goals of individuals and work together on a plan that will encourage those goals to be achieved. Additionally, my coaching is often based around a guided discovery approach as I am a firm believer that learning is reinforced through self discovery. As an individual, you can never stop learning and I am forever striving to further my knowledge and skills whether it be through academic study, reading or simply listening to others

My Beliefs

  • As individuals we are all different
  • Coaches must strive to meet individual needs
  • Success cannot be reached without dedication and commitment
  • Settling for what we have is not an ingredient for success
  • Practice makes permanent, not perfect. Be careful what you practice
  • The importance of psychological skills is not just a cliche, it must be appreciated
  • Do not sit still but instead strive to keep learning

3 Ingredients for success

  1. You love to practice hard
  2. You are committed to making a change
  3. You can accept failure