Through his studies and worldwide coaching experiences with a variety of ages, abilities and nationalities, Thomas has developed a simple and effective style designed to encourage each individual to maximise their potential.   His coaching philosophy is based around the acknowledgement that learning and improvement does not follow a simple, straight line pattern and that a central focus must be placed on the individual’s unique needs and wants.

The truth is that there is no single secret answer to fixing golf swings, however Thomas believes a secret does lie in making a development plan for players.   This helps provide structure to an individual’s development whilst also encouraging correct and effective practice in order to maximise results. Within the development plan there will be other things than technical aspects as Thomas believes elite performance encompasses physical, technical, mental, social and transfer aspects.

Accompanying this holistic approach, Thomas sees huge benefits in educating clients and within his sessions a guided discovery approach is often used, allowing individuals to explore new movements in a game based environment.  The use of games to enhance skills as opposed to focussing too much on technique is one of his favourite exercises; this is geared towards an appreciation that the ability to perform is just as important as perfecting a sound technique.

Thomas is a level 2 Trackman Certified Instructor and uses Trackman, along with V1 Video Analysis in all lessons.   Trackman is the industry leading ball flight monitor and presents 26 different parameters regarding the club and ball on every shot.  As these parameters are measured and not guessed, this provides the foundations for evidence based coaching where the matter of opinion is eradicated.